O'Neill 2019 Psycho One Zen Zip 4/3 - Mens


How do you make the industry's best wetsuit even more psychotic? By tapping straight into its brain. The re-designed Psycho One is a suit just head and shoulders above the competition: made of the new Technobutter, not only is the suit lighter, it also absorbs less water.
O'Neill's patented ZEN Zip Closure System has been reprogrammed with the new Contortionist Seamless Shoulder, Deconstructed Barrier, and Baseline Drain Hole. The most sought after entry system on the market just did another breakaway from the pack of imitators. Add the new Firewall X-type and ergonomic D-tox Knee Padz, and this Psycho One will have you frothing to go and play. It is one of the most comfortable and stretchiest suits you'll ever find...

  • Manufactured by: O'Neill

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