Time Manager

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The Time Manager eliminates untangling lines and saves time by only walking the length of your lines one time!

How it works:

When you come in from a session, snap the lines into the Time Manager in the order that they attach to the kite, detach the lines from the kite and wind up your lines.

Simply attach lines to the kite in the order that you snapped them into the Time Manager, detach the Time manager and put it in your pocket, unwind your lines, notice that your lines are set up perfectly, launch and ride!

You no longer need to lay out your lines, walk back up your lines to the kite while fighting tangles, hook up your lines with the possibility of crossing lines, then walk back to your bar again. That's walking back and forth 2 times more than with the Time Manager. Plus, you don't have to fight tangles any more!

  • Manufactured by: Kitelauncher

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