Triple "S" - Kite Camp


Instead of a full-blown instructional you get the best of both worlds. On side one, if you will, you get all the crazy action that went down during this year's Real Kiteboarding Triple 'S' invitational contest. And I use the word 'contest' loosely. Instead it's more like a week-long excuse to cut loose and take kiteboarding to the next level. SSS stands for Surf, Slicks, and Sliders, with the event taking advantage of a flexible format, riding the sliders, or flat water moves in the slick, or surf sessions (with or without a kite), and even skateboarding as conditions warrented. The motto of the event became, "The world is not ready.", as the riding was off the scale. Some of this year's invitees included Andy Hurdman, Jason Slezak, Andre Phillip, Davey Blair, Greg Norman, Suzi Mai, Moehao Goold, Shannon Best, Sam Bell, Thomas Kogut, Jon Modica, Dimitri Maramenides, Aimee Rabee, and Evan Netsch. Convinced yet?

Well, if you're not, let's talk about the back-side of the DVD. It is an instructional series, after all, and all the riders give their tips on handling a multitude of high-end kiteboarding maneuvers. Subjects include, getting better pop for powered flat-water moves, tips for unhooked riding, handlepasses, kite loops, board-offs, riding blind, and hitting sliders. And after all that there's an nice bonus section of the unbelieveable surf kiting that went down during hurricane Florence in late summer in Cape Hatteras. Quite an exclamation point to the end of the 5 DVD series.

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