North 2018 Speedster Foil - On Sale!

$1,199.00  $839.00
Save: 30% off

The Speedster Combo is an easy accessible foil and the ideal tool to quickly improve your hydro foiling skills.
The main characteristics are ease of use and excellent stability. Its construction is extremely durable while not being heavy. It is a perfect foil to learn on and progress on while maximizing your time on the water.
While the standard mast is 90cm long, AirTime also offers the option of renting the NKB 65cm short mast for the couple of sessions it takes to start foiling.
Welcome to a new world of fun!!!
  • Huge Speed Range, Suitable for Many Levels of Riders
  • Unique Winglets for Immense Track Stability and an Improved Turning Radius
  • High Lift and Impressive Resistance to Stall Makes it Easy to Tack and Jibe
  • Unique and Incredibly Durable Carbon Compound Wings and Fuselage
  • Winglets Improve not Only the Directional Stability but also Help the Foil Track Smoothly Through Turns
  • Included Back Wing Wedge Which Exerts Less Force Thus Helping the Beginner to Control the Lift of the Foil

  • Manufactured by: North Kites

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