Alpine Access 5.0 V3 foil


The dream foil brand combining superb technology and performance...
Known and respected for its amazing foil designs, the french designer Alpine Foil is bringing to the market the 5.0 Access version V3 foil in its Alloy series. This fully anodized aluminum foil offers little compromise in performance while making no concessions on quality and ease of use. Its reputation for user-friendliness is top rated!
Included in this package are:

  • the foil version 5.0 Access which totally breaks down for transportation: mast, fuselage and wings can be easily separated
  • The front and rear wings are state-of-the-art full carbon and light weight designs. Your choice of front wing will be based on the characteristics you will be looking for, ranging from light winds designs to loose and turny designs.
  • A KF-box adaptor for compatiblity with foilboards using the ultra strong/user friendly KF-box standard. Other adaptors, such as Tuttle, Deep Tuttle, Probox and Standard Plate are also available.
For advanced riders: although a very performing product, an upgrade path is available for Access owners. The foil is fully compatible with the Alpine full carbon 5.0 mast, as well as a large variety of Alpine wings (GT, Wave, Wave 1200, Lift, Sport, Race, Windfoil, SUPfoil) for maximum versatility.
For beginners: for a very modest rental fee, we offer our customers the option of spending their first couple of "learning to foil" sessions with our 60cm long Alpine mast.

The reviews of this product have been outstanding. Its supply has been limited by strong demand and you should plan ahead !

  • Manufactured by: Alpine

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