Duotone 2019 Quad Control Trust bar


For 2019 the excellent Duotone Trust Bar guarantees the superior functionality that makes it one of the best and safest 4 line bars on the market. The chicken loops come in four different options; now additionally offered is a Quick Release Wakestyle Kit. When you purchase your bar, you can choose the chicken loop that best suits your riding style.
The industry leading Iron Heart IV safety system makes a welcome return, and it has been enhanced with the addition of the Suicide Ring III. This new ring allows you to set up a suicide system while keeping the ring and the leash up and out of the way of the chicken loop. This increases your ability to quickly hook in and out after freestyle tricks.
For 5-line set ups, you can purchase a 5th Element upgrade kit and turn the Click Bar into a 5 line set-up.
There are four different chicken loop options available offering maximum performance and customization, to be purchased separately.

  • 4-line control bar compatible with any 2019 and earlier models
  • EVA cushioned winding post with flip-flop function for easy width adjustment
  • Vario cleat and sliding stopper for easy height adjustment
  • Integrated backline adjuster to trim rear lines
  • Fully integrated EVA floater to protect lines and rider
  • Exchangeable plastic center part insert
  • The Quad bar can be upgraded to 5-line with the 5th Element upgrade kit
The control bar is readily available in 22 or 24m line length. Add $25 for the 24m length. Also available on a special order basis are 19m and 27m.

  • Manufactured by: Duotone

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