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Summer Business Hours - the store is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 11am to 6pm until late September. The store may also close on some of the long Weekends. Customers may still experience unscheduled closures of the store on any windy day - that's when the 15+ knots clause kicks in!!! If in doubt, phone before coming... or simply meet us at Spanish Banks, our local spot on Westerlies and Easterlies, or at Boundary Bay in Southerlies

Demo Kiteboards now available - the store now offers a limited selection of boards to rent for demo purposes. 50% of the rental costs will be credited against the purchase of a kiteboard.

2018 Gear Store Wide Clearance now - all current windsurfing sails and boards, as well as kiteboarding kites and boards in stock at the store are on the clearance list. As the new 2017 products are coming in, we have got to make some space! Act now to take advantage of the selection!
  To view the deals, please check the product listings under the corresponding Categories tab.


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