Windsurfing Masts

Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
Powerex Powerex NRZ Mast

Powerex NRZ Mast

35% Carbon. Some sailors want a mast that doesn’t break ... and doesn’t break the bank either. Quality, durability and value are the watchwords here....

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Powerex Powerex Z-Wave Mast

Powerex Z-Wave Mast

55% Carbon. We’ve all seen it – big, onshore and ugly with people washing up in the shorebreak like seaweed. Those days are made for the Wave 60....

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Powerex Powerex Z-Free Mast

Powerex Z-Free Mast

75% Carbon. Watch a pro sail on a flat, windy day and you’ll see that performance gear isn’t just about racing. For performance-seeking freeriders...

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Powerex Powerex Z-Speed Mast

Powerex Z-Speed Mast

100% Carbon. Whether you’re blasting open-ocean speed runs, smoking kiteboarders across a bay or holding trophies at the Nationals, this thoroughbred...

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